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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Onsite Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

Network emergencies are nightmares for small business owners. Whether it’s a server outage or a building fire, network downtime can be costly in more ways than one. That’s why it’s vital to have sufficient backup and recovery measures in place to protect your company’s servers and quickly respond during an emergency. Without such protection, critical data could be lost, and you could end up spending valuable time and money starting from scratch. But with data backup and recovery services from Benton Technology Solutions, you can rest easy knowing your data is protected at all times.

Data Backup services

Data backup is the best way to store and protect valuable company data. An effective data backup plan ensures that your information is protected and preserved in the event of a network emergency to keep your business running smoothly. Benton Tech is committed to providing unmatched onsite and offsite data backup services for your business servers. With access to cutting-edge data backup equipment, you can rest assured knowing your business is fully protected.

Disaster Recovery services

It is imperative that your data be able to withstand a network outage. That’s why Benton Tech offers elite recovery solutions to ensure your data is accessible, secure and protected through network emergencies and natural disasters. Our expert technicians can analyze your IT infrastructure, determine the most effective plan, and implement a customized recovery strategy designed to keep your business running smoothly year-round.

Make the smart decision for your business and protect your data with backup and recovery services. Contact Benton Tech today to get started!