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Is Complete Data Protection Possible?

1 min read | Sep 13, 2018

Business owners hear this a lot: a simple security measure will fully protect your data. However, one protective action does not always protect businesses from having a weak network. Why? Our networks are complex, and any missed protective measure can result in vulnerability. This becomes an issue when businesses believe that their data is secure, and do not follow outside protective measures.

While there is no fool-proof method of data security today, there are steps you can take to ensure your devices and the data within them are as secure as possible. Read them below!

Password Protect Your Devices

Password protecting your devices is an easy step for data protection. It only takes a few seconds for someone to steal private information if your phone or tablet is found unlocked. We recommend using complex passwords that change at regular intervals.

Run Anti-Malware Protection

Anti-Malware Protection identifies and blocks fraudulent activity on devices. Protect your devices by making sure this is installed.

Install Operating System Updates Immediately

Operating System Updates typically contain critical security changes that will help protect your data. Do not delay these updates as this could leave your device at risk.

Have A Backup Data Solution

Without a backup data solution, you could face permanent data loss. Make sure that you have a recovery plan before it’s too late.

Ask Us about Data Protection

If you suspect your data might be at risk or want to know more about data protection, do not hesitate to contact the IT experts at Benton Tech today!