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What is Web Traffic Filtering?

If you’re concerned about your employees’ online activity while on your company’s network, web traffic filtering could be the solution.

Web Traffic Filtering

Web traffic filtering allows you to regulate your company’s web usage by filtering out malicious or inappropriate websites. Whether you need to filter by individual URL or website type, such as video sharing or social media, Benton Tech can help you implement a web traffic filtering solution that meets your needs.

In addition, web traffic filtering allows you to monitor the traffic that is blocked. With reports, you’ll be able to see the threats you’ve been protected from and how much productivity your employees have regained.

Benefits of Web Traffic Filtering

1. Extra Security

In addition to measures like keeping your devices and browsers up to date, web traffic filtering provides another layer of security. By controlling what your employees have access to online, you’ll have more control over what they share, in addition to what they access. This helps combat data leaks, malware, and other dangerous online activities.

2. Maintains Productivity

It’s no secret that the internet can be distracting. If you find your employees are spending too much work time on unproductive sites like social media or games, a filtering solution can reduce the amount of time wasted on sites unrelated to work.

3. Easier to Enforce IT Policies

With more control over your network, enforcing IT policies becomes easier than ever. When websites are automatically blocked, you don’t need to worry about manually controlling anything.

Spam Filtering for Emails

Few things are more annoying than spam email. Cut the amount of time your company spends weeding through spam with our spam filtering service. 

Spam filtering acts similarly to web traffic filtering, but applies to emails. It crawls your employees’ accounts and filters out any illegitimate, inappropriate or malicious addresses. This service keeps email accounts organized, clean and functioning.

Protect Your Business and Reclaim Productivity With Benton Tech

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