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What Small Businesses Need To Know About Net Neutrality

2 min read | Jun 11, 2018

The debate over net neutrality has picked up speed after the Senate voted last month to overturn the FCC’s December Net Neutrality repeal. The House is expected to bring it to a vote this month.

As net neutrality comes back into the news – and with it the debate between a regulated and deregulated internet, business owners are beginning to ask questions. To address the mounting concern and uncertainty, we put together all the information and pertinent facts you need to know about net neutrality.

What is Net Neutrality?

Net neutrality refers to the idea that all internet activity should be given the same level of priority. For example, in a net neutral internet, no type of traffic can be favored over other traffic. Proponents of net neutrality hold that the internet should be a space free from interference from Internet Service Providers (ISPs), while opponents say that a regulated internet environment will stifle innovation and internet investment.

How will it affect you?

When it comes to small business, net neutrality could be beneficial. Because net neutrality essentially levels the playing field for all internet users, small businesses would now be able to receive the same traffic priority as larger corporations. From this perspective, net neutrality could be an asset for up-and-coming businesses.

But for the more tenured operations with established audiences and ambitious growth plans, a heavily regulated internet could deter investors from participating in new opportunities. With every traffic source receiving the same level of attention, investors have little incentive to pour dollars into ventures that don’t guarantee a return.

When can you expect new information?

The FCC plans to have the net neutrality issue off of its books as early as June 11th, but the net neutrality debate is far from over. We should be receiving more concrete directions from Congress on net neutrality in the coming weeks. Check back here for an update on net neutrality regulations and what they could mean for your business moving forward.

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