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3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked

Every Single Yahoo Account Was Breached In 2013 Last year, Yahoo announced approximately 1 billion accounts had been compromised as the result of a data breach from August 2013. Last week, Yahoo parent company Verizon altered that number to 3 billion Yahoo Accounts – that’s every single account in the Yahoo system. Verizon discovered the… Read more »

VoIP Technology: The Small Business Secret Weapon

Why VoIP Is More Important Than Ever For Small Businesses Newsflash: we live wireless lives. We are connected by some digital touchpoint at all times of day – now that’s something to write (or text) home about! And much like the interconnected public, modern businesses are going wireless too. According to a study conducted by Information… Read more »

Benton Technology Solutions Finds New Space In Brier Creek

We’re Moving To A New Office! Raleigh, NC – Benton Technology Solutions has found a new home in Brier Creek! In response to a growing client base and changing logistical needs, Benton Tech will move into a new location in Brier Creek next month. With a more centralized hub in the Triangle, Benton Tech will be… Read more »

The Link Between Knowledge And Cyber Security

Why learn about Ransomware? We’ve made it a point this year to educate clients on the severe threat Ransomware poses to businesses – a point that cannot be stressed enough. So, as a refresher course, here’s what ransomware is and how it can affect your operation: Ransomware is a malware that hacks into your network… Read more »

Malvertising: The Intruder You Never Saw Coming

Securing Your Business Against Malicious Ads Malvertising is a catchy term coined by IT industry heads to make it more understandable to businesses and consumers. But merely knowing that malvertising is a malicious form of advertising doesn’t help you defend against it. That’s why Benton Technology Solutions decided to take it one step further and… Read more »

Why We Use Datto Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Datto Is Our Go-To Backup Solution We don’t often highlight the solution partners we utilize for our clients, but given the current cyber security landscape, there’s no better time to introduce our backup and disaster recovery service from Datto, Inc. Let’s delve into our Datto Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) system to explain what it… Read more »

A Hybrid Cloud For Small Business Success

Why A Hybrid Cloud Strategy Helps Small Businesses Thrive IT providers have been raving about the Cloud for years. By now, you know that Cloud services improve collaboration and efficiency for your business, but what if you could get the best of both worlds? Cue the hybrid Cloud strategy… A hybrid Cloud curriculum consists of… Read more »

March Business Spotlight

Tiger Leather Here at Benton Tech, we are starting a series of Customer Spotlights where we will highlight various businesses we work with and feature the relationships we’ve had the opportunity to build since opening for business. This month, we want to highlight the very first client we ever gained at Benton Tech, Tiger Leather…. Read more »

How To Spot And Prevent A Malicious Email

Before You Open That Email, Consider This: Did you know that opening an email or downloading an attachment in a spammy message could infect your business with a virus? Today it’s easier than ever for cyber criminals to infiltrate small businesses via email, so before you open that next message in your inbox, read this. Email… Read more »

Inside The Mind Of A Cyber Criminal

Psychoanalyzing a Cyber Hacker 2016 saw cyber threats increase in number and evolve dramatically as businesses became more digitally connected. That trend is sure to continue in 2017, but it will manifest itself in different ways. To help your business prepare and combat these security threats, we’ve put together this psychoanalysis of the 2017 cyber… Read more »