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7 Benefits of VoIP for Small Businesses

5 min read | Feb 14, 2023

Centralizing your IT, Cloud and VoIP solutions is the best way to level up your small business. Learn more about VoIP on our blog!

VPN 101: The Basics of a VPN

3 min read | Nov 10, 2022

Protecting your online identity plays a huge role in data security and privacy. Learn how a VPN can help minimize your online footprint.

Using ConnectBooster with Benton Tech

1 min read | Sep 22, 2022

Make quick and secure payments with ConnectBooster. With a click of a button, you can view your invoices and set up automatic payments.

How Do I Know If My Computer Has A Virus?

1 min read | Jun 6, 2022

Think your computer has a virus? This quick guide highlights computer viruses, where they come from, and how to get rid of them.

What Do I Need To Know About Firewalls?

3 min read | Mar 18, 2022

Firewalls play a large role in the online security of your company. Learn more about their function and how they protect your data.

Everything You Need To Know About Multi-Factor Authentication

2 min read | Nov 18, 2021

Consumers are increasingly concerned with online privacy. Learn more about multi-factor authentication protects your information.

How the iOS 14 Privacy Features Could Impact Your Business

3 min read | May 26, 2021

Apple’s new data privacy features may add a layer of protection for your business. Learn more about Apple’s update here.

How to Throw Away a Computer

3 min read | Feb 15, 2021

Are you cleaning your house and wondering how to dispose of old electronics or computers? Read our guide on disposing of old computers.

Server Virtualization 101

3 min read | Nov 19, 2020

While server utilization isn’t a new technology, the various types can get confusing. Read about how server utilization helps your business.

How Susceptible Am I To A Data Breach?

3 min read | Aug 26, 2020

Keeping our information safe online is critical in today’s day and age. Read about data breaches, what they are, and how they affect you.