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Server Virtualization

What is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the process of masking server resources from network users. Essentially, the network administrator can divide one server into isolated virtual environments. So instead of separating each server by application or task, server virtualization allows companies to house a variety of operating systems under one physical server.

Up until about a decade ago, most data centers consisted of clunky servers – each with a specific task and each guzzling energy and maintenance time. Dividing softwares into different servers used to be the most efficient way to streamline network function and troubleshoot – but not anymore.

Benefits of Server Virtualization

Virtualized servers provide irresistible advantages to small and medium-sized businesses, including:

  • Less heat build up – Generate less heat with less physical hardware
  • Lower cost – Less servers mean less expensive downtime and maintenance
  • Faster data backups – Virtual machines can snapshot and store your data in minutes
  • Reduced carbon emissions – Virtual systems conserve energy
  • Easier migration to the Cloud – Virtual data is easier to transition into the Cloud
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