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What is Managed IT Service? 

When you hire us for managed IT services, we support your IT team or run IT services for your business. This saves you time and money by outsourcing the IT work and streamlining your internal processes.  

How Much Do Managed IT Services Cost? 

The price range depends on the IT services that we provide. Outsourcing your IT is very cost effective as it gives you a team of knowledgeable personnel that you do not have to pay all of the traditional overhead for. Having an outsourced team also gives you exposure to new technologies and solutions that internal staff may not have visibility on.

Does Your Managed IT Services Package Include Microsoft Office? 

Yes, we can get you set up with a Microsoft 365 subscription at an affordable price. Microsoft 365 offers many benefits, including a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, streamlined organization, and enterprise collaboration tools.

What If We Already Have An IT Department? 

No worries! Benton Tech can work alongside your IT department to support them and increase bandwidth for your organization. 

What Is the Difference Between VoIP and UCaaS? 

Traditional VoIP only allows you to send and receive phone calls via traditional means, but over internet protocol (IP). UCaaS lets you send and receive phone calls from your computer, desk phone, and mobile device while also allowing you to use value added services such as video conferencing, instant messaging, and SMS text. UCaaS provides a more comprehensive solution to your business communication needs. 

What is Data Backup?

Data backup uses three methods to ensure that your organization’s data is secure in any potential network emergency: on-site backups, off-site backups, and cloud storage. On-site or off-site data backup refers to the location of your backed up data. Cloud storage is entirely remote. 

What is a Virtual Server? 

A virtual server uses a physical server as a host and runs multiple servers simultaneously from the host. Virtual servers can save money and make systems more efficient. 

What Does Email Security Protect You From? 

Secure email can help you avoid spam, phishing, and other email threats that jeopardize your company’s data security. At Benton Tech, we use Proofpoint filtering to identify email threats before they arrive in your network. 

How Can I Best Protect My Company’s Data?

To best protect your company’s data, you should run antivirus software, password protect all devices, and enroll in data backup solutions. For more information about how your organization can increase its data security, contact a Benton Tech IT professional

Do You Handle Hardware Configuration? 

Yes, we work with hardware as well as software. We can troubleshoot and help set up hardware devices for employees and other members of your organization.