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UCaaS Services

Unified Communications as a Service is a cloud-based bundle of communication services, including video, telephone, email, chat, and more. UCaaS is an upgrade from traditional VoIP because UCaaS lets you talk through your computer while using your mobile phone as your desk phone. Read more to learn about the benefits of UCaaS and how your company can use it to increase efficiency. 

What is UCaaS? 

UCaaS allows you to centralize all of your corporate communications instead of hosting them in multiple applications. This could help you and your company save time by sharing everything via a single platform instead of constantly changing between platforms. 

What Are the Benefits of UCaaS? 

UCaaS offers multiple benefits that make it worthwhile for many companies to use, including: 

Saving Money

Instead of paying multiple subscription services every month, your business could potentially save money by consolidating those accounts into one service. Service bundles are often cheaper than paying for each service individually. Also, you could use the internet for all of your communication instead of paying for phone bills. 

Expediting Processes

With UCaaS, you should not have to worry about checking multiple platforms and transferring files between servers. Instead, you can host everything on the cloud and streamline your internal and external processes. 

Reducing Workload for IT Team

UCaaS lets you host all of your communications on a single server and potentially reduce your IT team’s workload. Also, with UCaaS, you do not need to talk to a separate phone provider because you can rely on us for all of your IT and phone support. Overall, UCaaS is a great, streamlined solution for your team that can potentially save you time and money. 

Compatibility with External Applications

With UCaaS, you can connect your external applications so that you can access them all in one place. That way, you can maintain compatibility with the work you did while you migrate to your new UCaaS. 

UCaaS vs. CcaaS

Although UCaaS and CcaaS (Call center as a service) are similar, UCaaS is the more integrated approach. CcaaS only focuses on phone communication with a customer, but UCaaS includes email and video. UCaaS is useful for customer communication when you need to screen share to show UI problems or other technical issues. 

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