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Why We Use Datto Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

2 min read | May 16, 2017

Datta LogoDatto Is Our Go-To Backup Solution

We don’t often highlight the solution partners we utilize for our clients, but given the current cyber security landscape, there’s no better time to introduce our backup and disaster recovery service from Datto, Inc. Let’s delve into our Datto Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR) system to explain what it does and why we recommend it to many of our clients.

What is Datto Data Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Datto, Inc. is a business continuity solutions service offering a variety of products to help businesses around the world secure their most precious data. Its market leading BDR system is one of the most comprehensive, effective BDR products in circulation today, and we’re proud to be able to offer it to our clients.

Why Datto BDR?

  • SIRIS 3: Datto’s purpose-built cloud and suite of devices provide backup and recovery capabilities for business data stored locally. Using data and protection platform SIRIS 3, Datto BDR is able to secure any physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux.
  • Hybrid Virtualization: Because of Datto’s instant off-site virtualization and the single click connectivity of instant local virtualization, on-prem servers can be protected on Datto appliances and mirrored automatically to the Datto Cloud. This improves fault tolerance while reducing the reliance on bandwidth speed, allowing a protected system to be virtualized and hosted in a matter of seconds!

We’re moving more of our clients over to Datto BDR because of its versatility and quickness in the face of a data disaster.

Contact us today to learn more about Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery for your business!