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VoIP Technology: The Small Business Secret Weapon

2 min read | Sep 13, 2017

Why VoIP Is More Important Than Ever For Small Businesses

Newsflash: we live wireless lives. We are connected by some digital touchpoint at all times of day – now that’s something to write (or text) home about! And much like the interconnected public, modern businesses are going wireless too. According to a study conducted by Information Week, 70% of companies are implementing unified communications (UC) in the cloud or plan to do so by the end of 2017.

That explains how the VoIP Services market is expected to grow into a $140 million industry by 2021, but it doesn’t explain why. To shed light on the increasing buzz around VoIP and why it has become so popular, our team started at the source and evaluated some of the small business motives that have shaped the VoIP revolution this year. Read them below!

Small businesses need scalability.

One of the most pivotal goals for a small business is growth. To grow, however, could mean a variety of things. Growth could be a boost in profit, workforce, client base, etc. It could also mean growing to meet more needs of your employees. But in most cases, it simply means scalability; scaling to accommodate a greater volume of business functions with greater flexibility and agility. But no matter how growth manifests, small businesses are almost always in need of a cost-effective communication solution that allows them to grow with ease.

This is where VoIP comes in. As small businesses evolve to be more scalable, they’ll need to afford employees two things: mobility and connectivity. And because VoIP services allow businesses to remain compact while dispersed via remote connectivity capabilities and any-time access to communication channels, it’s safe to say that VoIP is the scalable business’ best friend.

Mobile is king.

You know as well as we do that mobile is here to stay. Mobile capabilities are helping mobile savvy businesses succeed at a far greater pace and volume than ever before. VoIP services, such as call forwarding and voicemail – not available on legacy systems – now allow small businesses a larger reach and stronger impact wherever they choose to operate.

Legacy systems are dying.

Small businesses are being forced into new VoIP systems at a high rate due to an uptick in end-of-life PBX events. Simply put, the weathered, out-dated PBX systems which still (barely) support the needs of the late-to-the-VoIP-party businesses are dying out and shutting down. Businesses must then pivot and immediately invest in a VoIP solution to remain operational.

What does this mean for you?

Act fast. Invest in VoIP. Scale your business.

Given your needs and the trajectory in which communication trends today, VoIP can only improve your operation. Don’t get left behind. Contact Benton Technology Solutions to learn more about how VoIP services could be your new, unexpected weapon.