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These 5 VoIP Facts Will Make You Rethink Business Communication In 2018

2 min read | Mar 23, 2018

What Is VoIP?

By now it’s likely you’ve heard of VoIP and how it can save your business loads of cash. For those of you who don’t know what VoIP is (Voice Over Internet Protocol), it’s just like your traditional phone line only internet based. Because the communication is carried over the web, VoIP service can boost flexibility and reduce monthly utility costs tenfold.


Flexibility and savings aren’t the only two benefits of VoIP services. There so many other opportunities from VoIP that go largely untapped by modern businesses. Check out these 5 facts to understand and unleash the true power of VoIP for your company this year.

1. Total VoIP users in the U.S. has increased by 300% since 2010.

VoIP is quickly becoming the standard. The takeaway? You either operate on VoIP or you could get left behind by the competition.

2. VoIP can replace your entire traditional phone service.

No more traditional phone service. You can overhaul your entire business communication system and go completely mobile with VoIP to become more nimble and efficient immediately.

3. VoIP operates totally via internet connection.

That’s right. Kiss your landlines goodbye. VoIP relies entirely on internet connection to function, which is one reason why it’s so cost effective. This allows your business to communicate at all times from anywhere in the world.

4. Transfer calls between your office phone and mobile device.

Because it’s designed to be portable, VoIP lets you transfer between your office phone and mobile device throughout the day so clients and colleagues can stay in touch on the move.

5. Direct all office calls to your mobile phone.

The cornerstone of VoIP services is mobility. Whether you’re on the road or at lunch, VoIP allows you to direct office calls to an employee’s mobile device seamlessly.

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