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Windows Server 2003 Support Ends July 14, 2015!

2 min read | May 5, 2015

A Survival Guide From Benton Technology Solutions

It’s difficult to keep your company’s IT up and running. Harder still is migrating to a different server all together. Benton Technology Solutions understands the importance of maintaining a fully-functional, up-to-date server, which is why our IT Support team is trained to make your Raleigh business’ transition from Windows Server 2003 as easy as possible.

July 14, 2015 marks the EOS (End of Service) for Windows Server 2003, which means your business has a limited amount of time to update your IT. And updating your IT is going to be critical considering the financial and security risks that an unsupported platform poses for your company. But Benton Tech is here with the information you need to make it past July 14th.

Your questions answered

The IT world is a convoluted place. And in the Triangle, where technology is the nucleus of many companies, IT Support is integral to be effective. We know you have eager concerns about your deviation from Windows Server 2003, so Benton Tech has the answers to your most essential questions:

  1. Why is migration so important for my Triangle business? When support for Microsoft Server 2003 ends on July 14th, all of its IT support ends as well. There will be no more critical updates (there were 37 security updates in 2013 alone), your business will be exposed to harmful security threats and you will eventually fail standard compliance audits. Simply put, continuing to use Windows Server 2003 will severely cripple your business.
  2. What are my alternatives to Windows Server 2003? Microsoft has developed multiple migration options for your Raleigh business. Its newest version of the Windows Server operating system is the Microsoft Server 2012 R2. Microsoft also offers cloud options like Office 365. Contact Benton Technology Solutions to learn more about your transition paths or click here to access Microsoft’s support page.
  3. How can Benton Technology Solutions help my Triangle business migrate? Benton Technology Solutions provides expert IT Support to Raleigh and surrounding areas. We can assist you in setting up new servers and designing new networks, as well as help you set-up and modify any newly-purchased software. Click here to learn more about our comprehensive Raleigh IT Support services, and get started updating your business today.

Now that you know some of your upgrade options and what your Raleigh business stands to lose by neglecting migration, it’s time to act. The longer you wait to migrate your IT, the more you’re exposed to unnecessary technological risks. However, you can avoid these risks with the help of Benton Technology Solutions.

Contact us today to ease your IT into the present. Our expert technicians are committed to serving you.