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3 Cyber Security Threats To Prepare For In 2018

3 min read | Dec 15, 2017

2017 has been a particularly hectic year for cyber security. While evolving technology has regulators playing catch-up, the cyber underworld is mobilizing. On the coattails of a number of large data breaches this year, data criminals have gained in number and confidence. Even more troubling is the fact that many businesses remain in the dark when it comes to cybersecurity leading into the new year.

But we intend to bring you into the light. With the right team, proper awareness and a tacit commitment to cyber security, businesses will come out on top this year. To start you down the road to a secure company, we’ve identified three of the most troubling cyber threats in 2018:

1. Big Data & The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has become a popular business venue for many companies in 2017. In 2018, that marketplace is only going to expand as more and more organizations transition to IoT devices. A positive is the IoT provides unmatched flexibility and bandwidth for regional, national and global businesses alike, but it also has glaring security loopholes.

For starters, the Internet of Things is less secure by design. It is fueled by data, which means it draws from and transfers data at numerous touch points throughout its ecosystem. This makes it difficult for businesses to truly understand what, if any, of their valuable information is being extracted from their networks and living out in the space. This not only poses a risk at the internal level – but it’s important to remember that businesses are typically held liable by regulators and consumers in the event of a breach.

So businesses should work together in 2018 to understand how transparent their IoT devices really are and avoid the detrimental consumer-level, enterprise-level and legal ramifications.

2. Commodified Cybercrime

Cybercrime in 2018 will no longer consist of one-off hacks and disorganized schemes. In fact, many of the big players in the cyber underworld have syndicated, which basically means they are becoming more organized and structured like a business. They are implementing hierarchies, partnerships and hiring a worldwide bandwidth of employees as a way of commodifying their services.

Furthermore, the Information Security Forum (ISF) predicts there will emerge a marketplace for tools and services which will allow uneducated, inexperienced cyber criminals to hack into places they would not otherwise be able to. The result? Big business won’t be the only target for cybercrime in 2018.

3. Compounding & Confusing Regulations

In addition to the murky water created by the IoT, increased regulation of big data in the form of new surveillance laws will make it more difficult for businesses to siphon off and protect their most valuable information. These new surveillance laws require communications providers to bulk-collect data from large companies, which could reveal valuable company info unbeknownst to the company itself.

Because, at its most basic form, security is knowledge, cyber criminals with the proper knowledge and skill of big business data could be even more equipped to exploit the grey area created by these new regulations in 2018.

Prep for 2018 with Benton Technology Solutions

With the IoT, cyber crime syndicates and regulations only growing more impactful and sophisticated, 2018 is sure to be a tumultuous learning experience for some companies. To ensure your small business is ready for the curve, contact the IT security experts at Benton Tech today. Our passion is helping your business function 24/7/365.