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How Outdated Software Harms Your Network Security

2 min read | Aug 28, 2015

Your company’s IT is a lifeline. Allocated across a variety of computers and IT devices, it houses privileged information crucial to your operation’s security and success. But an outdated system exposes your network to serious risks that can harm your business.

Why is updating your network so vital?

Threats to your network security aren’t always easy to detect. In fact, without up-to-date software, your information could be hacked and you wouldn’t even know it. Here’s why it is so important to maintain a fully-patched network:

  • Updates improve security, stability and performance of applications on your computer
  • Outdated softwares are more vulnerable to infiltration
  • Hackers constantly develop new ways to access your information, but updates keep your network one step ahead.

How to keep your software up-to-date

Now that you understand why you should update your network, it’s time to talk about how to go about it. Here are a few need-to-know tips to keep your company’s IT secure:

  • Hire professionals. You need a trained professional managing your software patches to ensure your network is updating properly, and Benton Technology Solutions is the best choice you can make.
  • Invest wisely. Vulnerabilities in your network security aren’t limited to desktop computers. Whether it consists of one laptop or is allocated across a variety of devices, your entire network is threatened in the event of a breach. So make the right choice and let the experts keep your software up-to-date – it’s worth it.
  • Act quickly. If you suspect your network’s integrity has been compromised, you need to act. Contact Benton Tech to update your network as soon as possible and control the damage.

Take the time to protect your business

Hackers prey on outdated softwares, but you can seal off your network by keeping it up-to-date. Contact the experts at Benton Technology Solutions to secure your business today.