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2016 Managed IT services: 4 benefits and 3 stats

1 min read | Feb 4, 2016

Why Invest in Managed IT Services?

Managed IT services have evolved at a rapid pace over the past few years. As the digital era has sped up and given rise to the mobile revolution, IT departments have struggled to keep up – until now. Cue managed service providers (MSPs), designed for the modern company and the modern consumer. Here are 4 benefits of Managed IT services in 2016:

  1. The IT-Business partnership

    Today, MSPs are essentially business partners with the clients they serve. They work in tandem with in-house IT departments to create a diverse team of experts with more bandwidth and flexibility than MSPs of the past.

  1. Increased efficiency

    MSPs used to operate on a break-fix protocol, but the modern IT service can constantly monitor all aspects of your IT and intercept issues before they can harm your business.

  1. Reduced costs

    MSPs are more cost-effective than they’ve ever been. The most efficient IT firms function on a fixed-fee billing model, which allows for predictability and stability when making budget decisions.

  1. Around-the-clock monitoring

    Today, most MSPs offer 24-hour monitoring, and the benefits are obvious. Under virtually constant oversight, your company’s IT can be more secure and perform better than ever.

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