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State of the IT Industry: 2015 Year in Review

3 min read | Dec 14, 2015

State of the IT Industry: 2015 Year In Review

It’s been another turbulent, fast-paced year for the Information Technology industry, and 2016 is sure to see just as many, if not more, technology innovations – perhaps at an even faster tempo. However, before we ring in the New Year, Benton Technology Solutions wants to pause and de-brief 2015 by addressing the current state of the IT industry.

Global IT Report 2015

The World Economic Forum recently published the Global Information Technology Report 2015 analyzing, among other things, political, institutional and social factors to determine a country’s ability to maximize Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for success and well-being. Categorized into 10 pillars of IT performance, the report provides valuable data on numerous components that make up a national ICT identity.

2015 U.S. IT Rankings

The United States ranks 7th overall among 143 audited countries for network readiness in 2015. A variety of factors went into the rankings, but here are 3 that stuck out to us:

6th for IT Impact

Measuring socioeconomic impacts of ICT, this subindex placed the U.S. at #6 for the correlation between ICT and various areas of American society. The ranking measures the impact of ICT on education, energy conservation, health institutions, civil issues and the environment. The Impact subindex also accounts for the relationship between ICT innovations and the economy. Here are some notable stats:

  • 16.8% increase in ICT patents since 2010
  • 38% employment in knowledge-intensive activities

10th for IT Usage

This subindex measures the level of ICT uses on the individual, commercial and governmental levels in America. Overall, the U.S. ranks 10th in Usage. Measured by mobile phone subscriptions, internet usage, households with internet access, etc., individual usage is not as high in America, which ranks 18th overall. We rank higher for business usage at #7, which considers commercial internet use, technology absorption and implementation in the business sector, capacity to innovate, and more. And in regards to ICT policies and regulations, online government services, and other governmental factors, the U.S. ranks 14th out of 143 countries. Here are some statistical highlights:

  • .6% increase in individual usage since 2012
  • .22% decrease in government usage since 2012

12th for IT Readiness

This subindex is perhaps the most applicable for 2016. The Readiness measurement assesses our nation’s ability to maximize an ICT infrastructure in the most affordable, practical, secure way. We rank 4th for Infrastructure, 53rd for Affordability, and 33rd for Skills. Here’s what stands out from those numbers:

  • 17% decrease in secure internet servers over a 3-year period
  • 15% increase in International Internet Bandwidth over 4 years

What the rankings mean for the future

The report reveals that the United States is well above average when it comes to network sufficiency. We’ve increased bandwidth, increased ICT patents, and hired 38% of our workforce for knowledge-intensive positions in the past 5 years.

However, as we’ve illustrated above, there is much room for improvement. The data shows us that our servers are less secure today than 3 years ago, and they show us that our government believes in technology, but doesn’t fully understand how to implement it or promote its usage nationwide. Security will be a massive factor in 2016, and regulating our most sensitive data starts with our elected officials.

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One thing is certain: the future of the IT industry is bright. There are challenges ahead, but with those obstacles await great opportunity for innovation and progress, and Benton Tech is going to lead the charge. If you have any other questions about the state of the IT industry or where it’s headed, contact the experts today.

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