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The Link Between Knowledge And Cyber Security

1 min read | Jul 20, 2017

Why Learn about Ransomware?

We’ve made it a point this year to educate clients on the severe threat Ransomware poses to businesses – a point that cannot be stressed enough. So, as a refresher course, here’s what ransomware is and how it can affect your operation:

Ransomware is a malware that hacks into your network and seizes sensitive information. Once in control of your files, it will demand a ransom to unlock the files. A ransomware attack can cost your business precious time and dollars, which is why Benton Technology Solutions is on a mission to help clients protect themselves against this sophisticated hacking technique.

On-site Education with Duncklee & Dunham

Duncklee & Dunham is a Cary-based environmental and engineering services consultant for clients across the country. To ensure they have the most information at their disposal to combat cyber crime, Benton Tech President Troy Benton attended their weekly company meeting for a ransomware education session. Troy discussed best practices for ransomware defense, conducted tutorials for spotting and combating malware, and answered a wide variety of questions from employees; just another way Benton Tech is empowering clients with the knowledge and vigilance to protect themselves.

Knowledge is Power in Cyber Security

As a leader in commercial cyber security in North Carolina, it’s our duty to equip clients with the necessary tools to spot and combat ransomware attacks. That’s why we created this handy infographic to help you and your team better understand security as it relates to day-to-day business activity. View our infographic below!


Want to learn more about Ransomware? Contact the IT specialists at Benton Technology Solutions today to get started protecting your business.