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How Do I Know If My Computer Has A Virus?

1 min read | Jun 6, 2022

Computer viruses are dangerous to your operating system, since they are a specific type of malware that self-replicates. They have the ability to damage programs, delete or corrupt files and can even change your computer’s security settings. Here’s a quick guide on how to know if your computer has a virus and where it could have come from.

How A Computer Gets A Virus

There are several ways a computer can get infected by a virus, including:

  1. Downloading corrupted files, such as music, movies, free games, toolbars and other system utilities.
  2. Visiting an infected website or clicking on unsafe pop-ups.
  3. Opening phishing/spam emails with suspicious attachments.
  4. Installing software without thoroughly reading license agreements.

Signs of An Infected Computer

Recognizing symptoms of an infected computer is critical to preserving your computer’s longevity. If you notice any of the following issues, your computer may be infected:

  • Slow computer performance
  • Random shutdowns or restarts
  • Frequent system crashes and/or error message
  • Malfunctioning antivirus programs or firewalls

Protecting Your Computer

To protect your device and files, the best way to prevent a virus is by using antivirus protection and antispyware software. Keeping these applications up to date and regularly updating your operating system will help maintain your computer’s safety. Backing up your files, avoiding suspicious websites and emails and educating yourself on safe online behavior are other great avenues for virus prevention.

How Benton Technology Solutions Can Help

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