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Why Get VoIP Through Your Managed IT Provider?

2 min read | Apr 6, 2018

Network Synergy

VoIP is a flexible, cost-effective communication solution for the modern business. But how can you maximize these benefits for your company? The answer is simple: use your Managed IT provider! Your managed IT provider is best suited to implement and maintain your VoIP system for a number of reasons, but it all comes back to one core benefit: network synergy.

What Is Network Synergy?

You achieve network synergy when each component of your IT system talks to one another and works together in harmony. Synergy is key for streamlining IT functions and avoiding outages. A synergized network will also help minimize data loss and security breaches due to the seamless nature of the entire environment.

Why Can My Managed IT Provider Best Synergize My Network?

When adding any component to your IT system, it is vital that the new component fits properly into your existing framework. The quickest way to ensure your VoIP system integrates accurately with your system is to have a firm understanding of the entire network before implementation – something your managed IT provider will certainly have. Because your managed provider comes already equipped with the knowledge of your existing software, they can quickly tailor your VoIP services to your business IT and get it up and running efficiently.

Other Benefits Of Using My Managed IT Provider For VoIP Services

  1. Round-the-Clock MonitoringA Managed Network provider can provide hour-by-hour network monitoring. This way you can address any issue right as it occurs.
  2. Regular Maintenance and Upkeep – Your Managed IT provider can conduct routine maintenance, including temporary file deletion, defragging, Malware, virus and spyware scans, as well as network patching when needed. So not only can your managed provider detect an issue with your VoIP service, it can address and solve it as well.

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