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Email Security Best Practices for Small Businesses

2 min read | May 17, 2016

2016 has been quite the year for hackers. Hospitals, insurance firms and even federal government agencies are all recent victims of data security breaches that have called our nation’s cyber defense into serious question. But as we progress into the latter half of the year, the threats persist; most recently in the form of 272.3 million stolen email accounts worldwide.

Researchers discovered the millions of hacked emails being traded in Russia’s criminal black market earlier this month. The trove of breached records includes 57 million accounts (Russia’s most used email provider), approximately 40 million Yahoo mail accounts, 33 million Hotmail accounts and 24 million Google Gmail users.

The Why and the How

This breach hits close to home for many Americans who are quickly realizing they may not be as safe online as they thought. But perhaps even more at risk than the average consumer are small businesses. This is mainly because businesses tend to receive a far greater volume of emails than the individual user; not to mention that they store larger concentrations of sensitive information than the average consumer. That’s why it is vital for the modern business to protect its email accounts, and with these simple practices, it is easier than you think!

Reset your email passwords regularly

Employees and employers are attracted to consistent, unchanging passwords because they’re easy to remember, but that’s exactly the attitude hackers exploit when they penetrate your account. To ensure your passwords are unpredictable enough to withstand a breach, implement an email software that requires a password change every 4-6 weeks.

Filter all email attachments

Today, hackers are masking viruses behind typical company documents, such as quarterly agendas and monthly sales reports. And when an unassuming employee downloads the virus, it runs rampant. To detect and repel these disguised malwares, set up filters that automatically scan each email attachment sent to your inbox and block any suspicious files.

Train your employees on email security

You can implement the most sophisticated security software in the world, but nothing is more effective than an educated employee. It’s important to have comprehensive tutorials in place to train your staff on email security protocol. This will ensure the front end of your business is secure at all times.

Beef up your email security today!

In a world where cyber threats are more prevalent than ever before, your online security can determine the future success of your business. The experts at Benton Technology Solutions have the knowledge and hands-on software experience to implement the most customized email security solution for your company. Contact us today to make the smart decision for your email security!