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Email Security Alert: A Letter From Our Team

2 min read | Jan 18, 2019

Protect Your Business From Email Hacks

As I’m sure you’re aware, email hacking attempts are becoming more and more prevalent. We’ve identified that one of the most common ways that companies are getting hacked is due to users not changing their default email password. This can seriously jeopardize your company’s files and security. Once a mailbox is hacked, we have found that a malicious email goes out to every contact saved in the hacked user’s account. Then you are dealing with outside companies and users also getting hacked due to your employee getting hacked.

Small Businesses Are An Easy Target

Historically, small businesses have not been overly concerned with security issues. However, as has been reported over the past few years, small businesses are an easy target for that reason. We would like to engage all of our clients in a discussion to put some preventative measures in place beyond the obvious things like antivirus and spam filtering. Minimum password complexity requirements and an expiration period are great way to start. Additionally, we can work with your suite of platforms to help minimize the number of passwords your employees have to remember.

Spread The Word

Please help us spread the word to all of your employees that they MUST change their email password to something complex and secure. Also, please ensure that your employees know not to open any emails or click any links that appear to be malicious. If they are at all suspicious, they need to reach out to our Support Team for assistance by emailing or calling 919-794-6697. It is much easier for our team to quickly take a look to determine if an email is spam versus cleaning up an email hack after the fact.

Employee Training From Our Team

If your company would be interested in our team coming and doing an employee training on security, please reach out to me directly and I would be happy to schedule that. The security of your business is of the utmost importance to us and we want to empower you to keep it as secure as possible.

Thank you for your cooperation!

– Troy Benton