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Email Communication Risks for Businesses

2 min read | Aug 16, 2018

Business Threats Lurking In Your Inbox

Communication within a business happens constantly, but most business owners don’t know when their private information is at risk. Email is the most common form of communication within a business, so making sure your email is set up correctly is an important step in securing your company’s data.

Email Criminals and You: What Hackers Can Do With Your Email

Cyber Criminals want access to your email for a number of reasons. Within your email, they can access private information such as contact lists, calendars and personal information. Hackers can then use your email as a jumping off point to access credit card information, client files, company software, social media pages and cloud platforms.

Email Encryption: How It Works And Why It Matters

Encryption is the process of disguising the content of an email to anyone except for the intended recipients. It is the first and biggest step to making sure your email system is protected. Non-encrypted emails allow hackers to break in and receive confidential emails within the specific chain of communication and then hacking into your account. Many email systems encrypt messages while they are in transit to the other email, however this only protects your information if the other business is encrypting their emails as well.

Your Emergency Response Plan: What To Do During A Data Breach

The common signs that your email account has been hacked are unusual activity, messages sent that you did not approve, the system speed slowing down, or missing files. It is recommended that your employees know to alert you if they notice anything abnormal with their email account. When a hacker is given access to one email account, the entire company is at risk.

Ask Us about Email Security

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