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DHS Issues Alert for MSPs: What We’re Doing to Protect You

2 min read | Oct 17, 2018

The Low-Down

The Department of Homeland Security issued an alert on October 3, 2018 for IT service providers and managed service providers that warns of an advanced persistent threat (APT). These attacks attempt to infiltrate client networks and bypass security measures. We are being proactive to make sure your data remains secure, while also keeping you informed on the attack and our comprehensive plan to protect you.

How The Attacks Happen

APTs use a variety of different techniques to ensure that they remain anonymous. These attacks use legitimate credentials that allow the hacker to bypass security barriers. Pre-installed system tools are a common avenue for cybercriminals to use for an attack. A small lapse in protection can lead to a cascade of attacks, which is why it’s crucial for MSPs to detect potential breaches.  

Our Defense Plan

Don’t worry – we take your data just as seriously as you do, which is why we created an in-depth strategy to make sure you’re protected. Here’s what we’re doing so that the alert doesn’t affect you:

  • Internal audits to ensure the highest level of security
  • Checking over each and every internal process
  • Being proactive to ensure security
  • Use of strong passwords internally
  • Updating any passwords that may not have been changed recently
  • Checking logs for any recurring unauthorized login attempts
  • Logging our access to systems that connect to client systems  

Questions? We’re here for you!

As always, we want to keep you informed. While the threat is serious, this is still an initial warning from The Department of Homeland Security. We are taking every protective measure possible to ensure your continued security, and we encourage you to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.