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5 Cyber Threats For Businesses in 2019

3 min read | Jan 18, 2019

What To Look Out For

Each year, cybercriminals learn new tricks in order to bypass security measures and access your data. To keep you one step ahead in 2019, here are the top 5 cybersecurity threats that could impact your business in the new year.

Spear Phishing

Information is more like currency for cybercriminals – the more they have, the more they can leverage and ransom. Something to look out for in 2019 is spear phishing, which will become more of a problem due to the massive amount of data that’s easy to access. Cybercriminals can hack into this data and use it for malicious purposes, such as making you pay a dollar sum in order to retrieve your stolen data. The best way to protect your business is to educate employees to report and avoid any suspicious communication and to never give out personally identifiable information (PII).

Password Attacks

Here we go again, another upcoming year full of password attacks. Though passwords are typically a hacker’s favorite way to reach your data, password protection is doable! We recommend installing an app like Dashlane that’s designed to help your business safely maintain, store and organize password data. To learn more about password safety, check out this article on creating strong passwords.

Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attacks

DoS attacks occur when hackers flood a network with traffic until it crashes, which prevents access from legitimate users. These attacks happen most frequently on government websites as a form of protest, however, you can also fall victim if an organization on your network is targeted. The best way to protect yourself against these attacks is by monitoring your data flow to identify any unusual amount of traffic.

Rogue Security Software

Rogue software is a kind of malware disguised as security protection. Users commonly encounter rogue malware in pop-up windows prompting them to make important security updates to their network. Cyber criminals will then request a fee in exchange for updating your network. The best way to avoid a rogue software? Update your firewall regularly.

Drive-By Downloads

Drive-by downloads occur when a user unintentionally downloads a malicious computer software by opening a viral email, visiting an insecure website, clicking on a fraudulent link or pop-up window, etc. These downloads can seriously impact your computer’s performance and make it easier for hackers to steal your information. To drive out drive-by downloads, ensure your operating systems and software programs are up to date regularly.

Tips to Combat Cyber Threats in 2019

As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, your business must follow suit. Follow these five tips to ensure your business is hacker-free in 2019:

  • Educate employers to report and avoid any suspicious communication
  • Use a service to securely store your passwords
  • Monitor your data flow to identify any unusual traffic activity
  • Install an updated firewall to detect rogue software
  • Ensure that your operating system and software programs are up to date

Ask us about Cyber Security

The experts at Benton Tech are ready to help you prepare for any cyber threat that 2019 throws at you. We pride ourselves in being first-class IT service providers in the Raleigh/Durham area. To ensure your business is properly protected this year, contact the IT security experts at Benton Tech today.