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5 Reasons Why VoIP Technology is a No-Brainer for Small Businesses

2 min read | Jun 14, 2016

VoIP technology is quickly becoming the best friend of businesses everywhere, and it could be your ticket to the next level of communication technology. VoIP is a type of internet telephone system that allows your employees to access company networks from their phones at any time. If you have not yet considered business VoIP services, you are sacrificing a variety of benefits at your fingertips.

So what are the benefits of VoIP services?

You may be saying to yourself, ‘What am I really missing?’ Many business owners understand the need for an effective communications solution, but not all of them grasp the specific benefits it can have for their operation. That doesn’t have to be you. Read the top five benefits of VoIP services below and make the right business decision today!

1. Reduced costs

VoIP technology is completely web-based. That frees your business from pesky landlines that have less functionality and typically cost more than VoIP. Ultimately, you’ll spend less and get more.

2. Easy installation

One of the most attractive benefits of VoIP services is the ease of installation. You do not need technical expertise to implement it. All you need is a reliable internet connection and the instructions offered by your Raleigh VoIP provider. Also, with a simple upgrade package, you can quickly scale up or down.

3. Hands-off maintenance

VoIP services are managed entirely by your VoIP service provider. That means whenever there’s an issue, your provider will handle it completely from start to finish. No need for costly in-house tech departments. Benton Technology Solutions can maintain your system at all times.

4. Data-driven business choices

VoIP technology allows you to visualize communication data with customers based on location, user, phone number, duration and more! This technology allows you to develop customized client reports and make more educated, confident decisions based off hard data.

5. Increased productivity through enhanced flexibility

In addition to unlimited internet connection, VoIP technology works from any adapter and integrates with all major software programs. For example, your employees can speak with a client online via phone while collaborating with a colleague in a Google document, all outside of the office. This flexibility allows companies to work smarter, thus boosting productivity and efficiency.

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