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3 Billion Yahoo Accounts Hacked

1 min read | Oct 13, 2017

Every Single Yahoo Account Was Breached In 2013

Last year, Yahoo announced approximately 1 billion accounts had been compromised as the result of a data breach from August 2013. Last week, Yahoo parent company Verizon altered that number to 3 billion Yahoo Accounts – that’s every single account in the Yahoo system.

Verizon discovered the 2 billion additional accounts after acquiring new information via a probe from outside digital forensic investigators. This all comes just months after Verizon purchased all of Yahoo’s internet assets for $4.48 billion.

Oftentimes after a security breach, an initial report is revised as new evidence comes into existence. In this case, Verizon noted its independent investigation focused on new digital forensic details which revealed additional affected accounts.

Takeaways: The moral of the story? Maintain your company’s computer hygiene. That means prioritizing cyber security, educating your staff and keeping security threats top of mind at all times. Here are a few reminders to share with your teams:

  • Update your passwords regularly
  • Use complex passwords
  • Implement multi-step authentications on all accounts where possible

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